Ed Tilley (Adventure Associates)

Ed Tilley has been guiding corporate groups and executive teams through professional development programs for the past twenty-five years. As a lifelong student of organizational theory, teamwork, and performance, he has used his knowledge and experience to give clients a framework for success. He imbues his facilitated events with his trademark optimism and passion for business. As a seasoned entrepreneur and business owner, he can quickly relate to cross-functional teams and leadership alike, with an uncanny ability to get to the heart of any organizational issue.

With an approach that is equal parts thoughtful practicality and inspired fun, Ed has created programs ranging in time from a half-day event, to a in-depth multi-day retreat. Likewise, he’s conducted programs for varying group sizes—from a handful of C-suite execs, to groups numbering in the hundreds. In the medical space, he’s facilitated professional development programs for Stanford Medical Center and the California Association of Public Hospitals. Moreover, he’s proudly been involved with Optima’s staff retreats for nearly twenty years.

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