Dr. Cindy Gordon, ICD.D

Dr. Cindy Gordon is the CEO and Founder of SalesChoice Inc., an AI SaaS and Services company. She is well-recognized globally as a digital transformation leader bridging new ways of working, using the most advanced forms of AI, and leading technology innovations. Dr. Gordon has held senior executive or partnership roles at Accenture, XDLI, Xerox, Citicorp, and Nortel Networks, and is currently advising leading AI companies like Emotional Cloud and Kaji.

Dr. Gordon has been recognized by Onalytica as one of the top global AI thought leaders and is also a Forbes AI thought leader, with a regular column. She teaches AI Strategy, AI Business Transformation, AI Ethics, and Law at USAII and George Brown College. She is the author of 14 books, with a recent publication, the AI Dilemma. Dr. Gordon has a doctorate in complexity sciences, leveraging technology methods and integrative organizational design strategies to accelerate growth from the University of Toronto.