Dinner Details

The rustle of leather and chains under muted conversation was probably the last thing heard by the tragically and unexpectedly deceased at the 2022 Bikers’ Club Annual Masquerade Ball!  With a mystery behind each pair of dark sunglasses, unmasking the killer may be quite a challenge.  It’s up to us to determine which partygoer is guilty, bring this crime to justice, and save the party!

Attend the Biker Club’s Annual Masquerade Ball and help get this “soiree” back on track.

Attire: Biker wear, leather, chains, glasses, boots and gloves are what to wear to this high class night of bikers and murder.  (Optional)

Dinner: Dinner will be served during the Murder Mystery Masquerade Ball

Prizes: For Best Dressed + Murder Mystery Solving

Get ready for a classy evening of mystery, intrigue, and murder.  Nice Bike!