Alicia F. Wagnon, Esq.

Alicia Wagnon is the Vice President of Patient Safety and Innovation, Deputy General Counsel, and Director of Corporate Affairs at the California Medical Association. Alicia has had a decades long career as an advocate for physicians of California with a focus on professional liability, medical ethics, and end of life care. Alicia has provided leadership and expertise defending California’s gold standard medical liability reforms in the courts, in the legislature, and in initiative campaigns. Alicia was at the table as a primary negotiator and author of AB 35, the MICRA Modernization of 2022. 


California’s medical liability reform laws, “MICRA,” are considered the gold standard among medical liability reforms in the country. After nearly 50 years, those laws were updated in the MICRA Modernization 2022. In this timely presentation, Alicia will discuss how those changes came about and will delve into the specific changes to the MICRA laws as well as the adoption of a new framework to enhance physician-patient communication.